Organic Home Gardening

Its is fun and easy, especially with some                  good gardening advise.

The benefits of organic home gardening are many, for the body, the soul and the earth. Growing your own food organically will give you better food than money can buy and keep you in shape while you are growing it. It will save you money on food costs and for some will cut out that monthly bill to the gym. By growing food organically (or even buying organic food) you will keep the earth free of poisonous fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides which are destroying our agricultural land and poisoning our earth and water.

I speak from experience...
Organic Farmer
I have had a permaculture homestead farm for the last 30 years and have tried many things and bought garden supplies, tools and seeds from many companies. I hope I can save you some time and trouble with some organic home gardening advice.
I am also offering some suggestions for some reliable gardening supplies and organic seed companies.
Here are some great Homesteading books that will show you how to generate your own power, build a green house and raise chickens.
Whether you are starting a permaculture homestead, a backyard garden or container gardening on your apartment balcony. You will need to start with a few basics:

    *Garden Planning

    *Green Houses

    * Organic Seeds

    * Composting

    * Irrigation

    *Garden tools

Start with a good garden plan and then order your organic seeds and any tools you may need. Then the real fun begins!

 If you would like a step by step garden guide try my Victory Garden ebook, it will guide you through the planning, bed preparing , planting, watering, weeding, harvesting and even storing your abundant produce from your organic home garden.

I will let you in on some of the mistakes I made and will never make again. Saving you more time and trouble than you can imagine.

  Plant a seed and watch it grow into a living legacy.

Organic gardening is a roots movement brining Victory Gardens to the fore front of a cultural revolution for planetary health and the well being of our children and the future generations.

What does organic gardening really mean?
Learn more about growing your own food,  what organic really means and how organic home gardening can build strong bodies, unite your family and reduce your carbon footprint.



Victory Garden Poster

Dig up your lawn or plant vegetables in amongst your flowers and landscaping and create a Victory Garden in your own yard.

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