Green Houses

Green houses, cold frames, and cloches are all great season extenders 

Green houses or hot houses are structures that can be built out of glass, plastic, or fiberglass. They are designed to give you a warm place to start your garden veggies, to grow winter greens and in some cases, even fruit trees. 
Hot houses can be small for the home gardener or large enough for commercial production. You can build them yourself or buy them from a garden supply company.

 Here are a few examples of some nice      green houses

 "Snap N' Grow Greenhouse 6' x 12'"Green house kit

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 "This easy to use greenhouse offers plenty of room and light  for your plants. The smart, efficient structure uses crystal-clear polycarbonate greenhouse panels. With a split-style door and large adjustable vent window. Easy to assemble; low maintenance. lean to green house

"Lean-To Greenhouse 4' X 2'"

There are many larger and smaller green houses  and cloches available. green house

12' x 12' Super Grow House

 Classic greenhouse with "Gothic arch" shape means unmatched structural strength 6-mil polyethylene glazing on all sides captures 95% of available light Top and bottom vents prevent over heating.  Generous 12-ft width accommodates 3 full-size benches with aisles between Assembles in one day with two people and simple hand tools

patio green house

Patio Grow House
You don't need a big greenhouse to start seedlings or harden-off transplants in the spring.

Our Patio Grow House has a trim 36" x 18" footprint, so it can fit in any sunny space, yet it provides almost 13 square feet of growing area on three shelves.
 It's a lot of greenhouse at a surprisingly affordable price.

A cold frame is a box with a large
glass window or plastic cover on hinges that you can lift and open as you work in or harvest from your cold frame. These are not hard to make and are also available on line. 

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cold frame

Ultimate Cold Frame
These new cold frame components let you stretch your growing season and harvest more healthy, home-grown produce.  We also offer the Frame and Shade Cover individually for warm climate gardens