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Homesteading Books

Do you want to eat better, get more exercise and generate your own power?

The skills you will learn in these homesteading books will help you to create your dreams, enjoy better health and become self reliant!
What you don't start today, you will never finish tomorrow.

Download  these ebooks now and start right away!

From Garden to Table grow your best garden  ever! 

organic garden


      This organic gardening ebook, will give you a great start in growing your own food.
Follow these easy steps down the garden path.  Experience the tasty beauty of your own abundant  organic garden.

Feel your body grow stronger
with a little exercise and a great diet as you eat what you grow.

Learn how to Plan, Prepare and Plant your own
                                  Organic Victory Garden.

Easy To Build Attractive And Affordable Backyard Chicken Coop..."

chicken coop plansYour own backyard chicken coop will provide you with daily fresh organic eggs for the kitchen. It will recycle your families food scraps and produce high quality fertilizer for your garden. Best of all, your family will be proud of the coop that you created.

Get your hands on the plans. It will be easier than you think with these clear and detailed
                                                  Chicken Coop Plans.

Building a green house is easy when you

have a plan.

green house plansGet a jump on your summer garden and have fun growing flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables all year round. You will also have a great sense of accomplishment knowing you made your own greenhouse.  

Building your own greenhouse just makes economical sense. You can build a greenhouse at just a fraction of the cost of buying a pre-built one. Most pre-built greenhouse you buy need to be assembled anyway, you’re really just paying hugely inflated prices for the materials.

Create the green house you have been waiting for using  these            greenhouse plans.


Reduce Your Energy Bill With These

Renewable Energy Solutions

           renewable energy solar and wind

Did you know you can now make solar panels at home!

Save money, and
take pride in your creation as you generate your own power  and you may even have extra power to sell  back to the grid.

You have probably read about it or seen it on TV, but have you tried it yourself? 

No building experience necessary, anyone can do it.

You will be amazed at how nice and professional your solar panels will look and how well they will work if you follow these simple instructions, laid out in an easy to follow written and video style.

Power on with this          Solar Guide!

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Abundant Gardens

Did you know that you can get big harvests from little gardens...?



  • All your salads
  • Enough cucumbers to make pickles to last all winter long
  • Plenty of tomatoes
  • Peppers, squash, corn, potatoes
    and so much more....

    Create a super productive organic garden!

  • Learn to make great compost
  • Prevent pests and diseases
  • Cover Crop
  • Use manure teas
  • Get Great Harvests
Order your step by step organic garden guide now!

  Fresh Eggs From Your Own Chickens

chicken coop

Start with a beautiful and solid chicken coop which will provide a good home for your chickens and protect them from predators. You'll soon be sharing an abundance of eggs with your family and friends.
Here are the plans you need for a great chicken coop.

Build Your own Green House

greenhouse building

I have built my own green house and am so glad I did. We start our gardens early and even in the winter we are abler to harvest lush salads for our family. We even have a lemon tree!  Check out these easy green house plans today.

Create Your Own Power

solar panels


Our product has been put to the test by thousands of people worldwide. We are the most popular product in this market because our guides are the best available.

 Save money and do your part for the environment!  

Get  your Solar Guide Now!

If you are looking for a way
to go green then this is the perfect resource for you.

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